Stump Removal

Tree Stump Removal in Arbutus, MD

At Nationwide Tree Service in Arbutus, MD, we offer tree stump removal services at residential and commercial areas to ensure a smooth landscape.

Our machines are landscape-friendly. We have self-propelled, portable stump grinders that have rubber tracks, and we don’t have to drive our truck in your yard.. We have also worked at golf courses, cemeteries, swimming pool areas, homeowner’s associations, apartments, etc.

We at Nationwide Tree Service in Arbutus, MD specialize in hard-to-reach areas. Our machines will go through a 36″ gate. We normally grind 6″-8″ below the ground level, which is deep enough to sod or plant grass. The machine will go as deep as 18″ if the homeowner plans to plant another tree or shrub in its place.

Benefits of Removing A Tree Stump

Safety— Tree stumps can easily become a hidden hazard in your front or backyard. Removal of tree stumps from your landscape will prevent any tripping accidents and make it a safer place for everyone to enjoy.

Pest and Disease Prevention— Decaying tree stumps typically attract unwanted critters that may end up spreading to healthy plants and trees in neighboring areas— or even your own home. Eradicating the stump is the top way to prevent these unwanted visitors from destroying your shrubbery.

Damage Avoidance— When the trunk isn’t removed along with the tree, its root system stays behind, too. Even when the tree is gone, the roots will continue to grow— and may even become an underground threat to your home’s infrastructure and the plants in the surrounding area.

Boost Your Property Value— Let’s face it, no one wants to see a moldy, old tree stump amidst an otherwise beautiful outdoor space. Stump removal boosts overall curb appeal and your landscape’s appearance.

When you hire the professionals at Nationwide Tree Service in Arbutus, MD to remove your damaged or dead tree, you’ll likely get an estimate for how much it’ll cost to get the stump removed, as well. They will often use a stump grinder in order to efficiently clear the area.

Stump Removal? Why?



Hard to mow around


They attract unwanted critters like bees, ants and termites