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How to Plant Trees to Save Energy

Positioning trees around your home in strategic locations is as effective as adding insulation or weatherproofing doors and windows in your house. Trees can reduce heating and cooling costs by as much as 50%. For trees to be effective at helping you save considerably on your energy bills, you need to follow the below recommended tree planting strategies.

Choose Deciduous Trees

Deciduous trees are outstanding at providing shade during the warmer months because their leaves serve as good cover. Think of the leaves on deciduous trees as being like an umbrella of sorts. When deciduous trees lose their leaves, they allow the sun to shine on your home, causing the indoor temperature to be warmer.

Select the Right Location

The sun is known to shine most on the south and west sides of buildings, with the south side getting the bulk of the heat. To ensure your home remains cooler during the hotter months, plant your deciduous trees on the south and west sides of your property. Doing so will help ensure that you run your air conditioner less often.

Choose at Least Three Deciduous Trees

To ensure that deciduous trees do their job effectively, you need to plant a minimum of three of them. Three deciduous trees will provide enough shade for an average home. If your house is on the larger side, you’ll want to plant more deciduous trees to provide a sufficient amount of cover from the sun. Consult with a licensed tree care specialist to see how many trees your residence needs.

Choose Evergreens

In addition to planting deciduous trees, you may want to plant some evergreens. Evergreens will serve as a buffer between your home and the cold winds. Evergreens work best when they’re planted on the north side of your house. Don’t plant any evergreens on the south or west sides of your home because they’ll block the sun, and the sun is what warms your house and enables you to rely less on your heating system.

If you want to make sure you select the correct tree species and position your trees in the correct places, it’s advantageous for you to work with a licensed tree care specialist. If you’re a resident of Pasadena, MD or the surrounding areas, contact Nationwide Tree Service today. One of our licensed arborists will help you embark on your journey to saving more energy.

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