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How to Know When Your Tree Is Thirsty

Knowing how much to water your plants is a challenge for almost everyone. It’s not uncommon to under- or over-water the garden. However, your tree might be giving you clear signals that it needs more water. Learn the signs that a tree is thirsty right now.

Leaf Color

Your tree requires water when the leaves start turning specific colors. For example, brown is the most common color for deciduous trees. It might appear as blotchy patches or as edging to each leaf. Yellow is another color that arises along leaf edges too. Water might be an issue if it’s not nearly the fall season when leaves are supposed to turn colors.

For evergreens, such as conifers, consider the colors that the needles turn on a long-forgotten Christmas tree. Red, brown, yellow, and even purple colors indicate that water is needed.

Leaf Size

Some trees show distress in different ways than just color changes. Every tree species has a specific size for its leaves. If you’ve appreciated your trees over the years, you know what the leaves should look like on a healthy plant.

Keep a close eye on leaf size if a tree appears thirsty. They’ll grow smaller than usual. This size change is significantly different than a healthy tree, which means you should be able to observe the difference almost immediately.

Leaf Drop

A classic sign of a thirsty tree is a leaf drop. Regardless if the leaves are new or old, the tree will drop them to reduce strain on its system. Leaves require plenty of water. Because the tree cannot support the leaves during drought, it drops them as a survival mechanism.

Disease or Infestation

When a tree is under stress, it’s vulnerable to disease or infestation. So keep a close eye on your tree. Any changes to its bark or the appearance of new critters in the area is cause for concern.

Thirsty trees can’t fight off pests or microbes. Thoroughly water your tree to see its healthy growth return. It may recover from these issues with a bit of help from you.

Unusual Growth Patterns

Tree growth may be challenging to observe from afar. However, you’ll notice growth differences if you prune branches from the tree. Take a look at the tree rings. A healthy tree offers symmetrical ring growth from year to year.

A tree suffering from drought will have either accelerated or slow growth. As a result, the rings will have an asymmetrical appearance. Regular watering will help future rings grow at a better rate.

Watering your tree regularly will preserve its health for many years to come. If you have any questions about tree care, contact Nationwide Tree Service in Pasadena, MD today!

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