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Why Tree Trimming Is Essential to Prevent Property Damage

Tree trimming may seem like a superficial service performed simply for beautification. However, trimming your trees and shrubs can help prevent property damage as well. Here is why the role of tree trimming is vital when it comes to protecting your house and yard.

Protects Your Property During Storms

Severe storms with strong winds can break off some of the weak branches on your trees. These branches can then be flung toward your window, breaking the glass. They may also fall on your car or on other cars parked nearby. If your tree is tall, a weak branch may break off and fall on a power line. In order to prevent these kinds of accidents, you need to trim your trees regularly. If a storm is forecast, make sure to contact an arborist to trim your trees before it hits.

Eliminates Overhanging Branches

If you have overhanging branches, they may suddenly break if you don’t keep up with tree maintenance and trimming. It doesn’t take a storm to break an overhanging branch; it can break simply from its own weight pulling it down. Your branches may hang over your fence or even extend onto your neighbor’s property. If your overhanging branch should break, you may damage your neighbor’s property and have to pay for the repairs. To avoid this hassle, make sure an arborist trims your trees regularly.

Protects Your Property From Contact Damage

An overgrown tree may constantly brush up against your roof, your garage, or even power lines. In time, this may remove paint from your garage, wear away your roofing materials, or slowly damage power lines. If your tree is rubbing against your house, it can cause contact damage over time. Eventually, the damage can result in expensive repairs. To prevent contact damage, have a team of licensed arborists trim your shrubs and trees.

Protects Your Property by Providing Better Visibility

Overgrown trees and shrubs can lead to poor visibility, obstructing paths. Whether overgrown trees lead up to your garage or grow in your backyard, they could cause accidents. Overgrown shrubs and trees could result in property damage if a car or bicycle should stray onto your property accidentally.

Prevents Pests From Damaging Your Property

Overgrown trees and shrubs are a breeding ground for pests. Rodents can chew into your outdoor wooden structures. Ants can also cause chew through your wooden structures when building their colonies. By trimming your trees, you’ll allow for more sunlight, which makes the area less attractive to pests.

A Fully Licensed Tree Company

When you need a licensed tree company to take care of the trees on your property, our team of arborists can help. We offer lot clearing, stump removal, tree removal, tree pruning, and tree trimming services. Contact Nationwide Tree Service to make an appointment for tree trimming services in Pasadena, MD.


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