Maximizing Property Value with Professional Tree Landscaping

Tree Landscaping

In today’s real estate market, homeowners and property developers are constantly seeking ways to enhance the value of their properties. One often overlooked but highly effective strategy is professional tree landscaping. At Nationwide Tree Service, we understand the significant impact that well-maintained and strategically placed trees can have on a property’s aesthetic appeal and market […]

Frequently Asked Questions About Trees

Being inquisitive about trees and their role in our environment is natural. Only through understanding the basics of trees can we work to protect them and ensure their sustainability. Here are some common questions people often ask about trees. Are Trees Beneficial on Our Properties? The primary purpose of trees is to provide oxygen, pull […]

How to Know When Your Tree Is Thirsty

Knowing how much to water your plants is a challenge for almost everyone. It’s not uncommon to under- or over-water the garden. However, your tree might be giving you clear signals that it needs more water. Learn the signs that a tree is thirsty right now. Leaf Color Your tree requires water when the leaves […]

4 Signs a Tree Is About to Fall

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A fallen tree can make you dig into your pocket due to property damage or the injury of a loved one. Trees fall for various reasons, including fungi, water damage, or other external factors. Just because a tree is huge and sturdy doesn’t mean it is not susceptible to damage. You should pay attention to […]

How to Properly Mulch Trees for Winter

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When winter winds blow and you’re toasting your loved ones by the fire, don’t forget about your trees. They need some preparatory love before Jack Frost bites. In gratitude for the bountiful shade these leafy canopies provide you with all spring and summer, give your trees a leg up in their battle against winter’s worst […]

Here Are the Top Low-Maintenance Evergreens to Use as Privacy Screens


If you are sick of that rickety fence that surrounds your yard, you might want to plant evergreen shrubs in its place as opposed to installing yet another fence. Well-maintained evergreen shrubs are beautiful, and as their name says, they stay green all year. This means they give you privacy and natural interest all year. […]