Lot Clearing

At Nationwide Tree Service in Linganore, MD, our residential and commercial lot clearing services will leave improve your lot’s value and add plenty of space.

When you need lot clearing for your home or business, look no further than Nationwide Tree Service in Linganore, MD. Our team of highly-trained professionals are fully-licensed and insured to handle any kind of tree service. Whether you are looking to give your home a new look or are planning on adding more space to your living area, our team can help you get the job done.

Why Do You Need A Tree Care Specialist To Help Clear Your Lot?

At Nationwide Tree Service in Linganore, MD our tree care team always makes sure to discuss the specific requirements you need before we proceed with the job.

Reasons to Choose Our Team for Your Lot Clearing Project:

We have the tools and training necessary for the project.

We can safely and efficiently remove trees, including tree stumps.

We can level the ground correctly and according to safety and industry standards.

We include brush removal in our lot clearing process.

How Long Does It Take To Clear An Acre Of Land?

The cost and length of time needed to complete a lot or land clearing project will vary from property to property. While in some instances it may only take half a day to clear an acre, other lots make require more time to clear.

That is why we recommend consulting with a tree service expert from our team.

We will be able to determine the necessary requirements before clearing your land, as well as any other factors that may influence your project.

Factors That May Influence The Lot Clearing Process Include:

The size of the land being cleared

How wooded the area is

The condition or state of the land

At Nationwide Tree Service in Linganore, MD, we have been serving the Baltimore Metro and D.C. Metro homes and business owners since 1991. We take great pride in providing quality care to every customer, no matter how small the job is. With other companies, you may not hear back from them for days, if not weeks. But at Nationwide Tree Service, we value every customer, taking every necessary step to ensure your 100% customer satisfaction.

Qualities That Set Us Apart From Other Tree Care Companies:

We offer 24-hour emergency services

We provide both residential and commercial services

With our crane tree-removal process, we are able to finish the job more efficiently

We are fully licensed and insured

We have been in business for over 20 years

We are proud accredited members of BBB

Excellent reviews and testimonials

When it comes to clearing your lot, trust the professionals at Nationwide Tree Service. Our Baltimore Metro & D.C. Metro region lot clearing experts are able to assess your property and develop a tree-removal plan that will effectively rid your lot of any stumps, roots, and other debris. After our team is finished, your lot will be ready to meet the needs of your family or business.